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Before I create a series of reports for our techs, is there already something built in that will remind techs of outstanding tickets?  I see that exists for project tasks.



Asked by Sheila McBride on Thu 1/11/24 9:04 AM
Okay, thanks. - Sheila McBride Thu 1/11/24 9:56 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 1/11/24 9:42 AM

Hello Sheila,

There are a couple of alerts they could create for their tickets (on a per-ticket basis) to inform them when a ticket is Due according to its Due date field (the built in one) and when it is then overdue. They'd have to set it manually though on every ticket they are going to take responsibility for.

Other than that, nothing built in facilitates this. You could instead build them a report for the tickets they are responsible for and then deliver that report to their email using the scheduled email delivery feature on reports.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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