Approval access and User reports to list

Good Afternoon,

I have a couple of questions..

  1. Is there a way to find out who has access to approve Change Requests?
  2. Is there a way to find out whos change request someone can approve?
Asked by Rick Garcia on Fri 1/5/24 3:37 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 3:39 PM

Hello Rick,

Can you elaborate a bit on what specifically does "approving a change request" entail to you and your use case of TeamDynamix?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

I'm asking for someone but I believe it is as simple as that. Someone who has the ability to approve someone change request. I don't know if I can be more specific than that. I am aware that this may be too granular. Hope this helps.
- Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 3:53 PM
Sure, I guess what I am asking is in what form does that "approval" currently take in your usage of Changes? Do you have a workflow that is applied to your tickets?

Is someone just updating them to a certain status? Or how exactly does a Change ticket get marked "Approved" right now?
- Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 4:01 PM
This is related to the #6721738: Change WorkFlow related to the "Supervisor Approval" step which requires the requestors manager approval. - Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 4:05 PM
Ah ok that helps somewhat. So in terms of a workflow Approval step, you must either be assigned to the step in question to take action on it OR your ticketing app security role must have the permission for "The user will be able to always approve/reject/skip ticket workflow steps" enabled. The permission stated is an override to allow someone to help a workflow along or take action on behalf of other step assignees if needed.

So just look for any of your ticketing app security roles that have that permission enabled, then search the users that have that role in that app to see who all could potentially override the step's configured assignment option in addition to the Requestor's Manager which seems to be the default assignment option.
- Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 4:09 PM
I'm pretty sure there isn't a specific answer to this granular question as anyone with access to the ticketing application can submit a change request form. I guess I'm looking for a list of users with access to the ticketing application that includes their manager.

Requestor Manager
Person A Manager A
Person B Manager B
Person C Manager A
- Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 4:10 PM
Is there a way to report on that permission than having to go user-by-user, one-by-one? - Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 4:18 PM
Yeah, you can open your ticketing application's security roles list at TDAdmin > Applications > [ticket app] > Users & Roles > Security Roles. Find a role that has that permission and it will have a column on that Security Roles page for the count of users that have that role. Click on whatever that number value is to be taken to a page that shows all of the users who have that specific security role.

Having access to the ticketing app isn't a prerequisite for being able to approve an Approval workflow step. That just requires you to be able to sign in to TDX at least in the client portal, so the likely list would just be anyone who can create a Change request in TDNext or who can use the service(s) if you have any in your portal to facilitate intake of Change Requests.
- Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 4:22 PM
Okay, I think that clarifies things a bit more.

So what happens if both the Requestor and the Requestors manager both have the option "The user will be able to always approve/reject/skip ticket workflow steps" disabled? Will the Manager still be able to approve a change request?
- Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 4:35 PM
It doesn't matter that the Requestor's manager have that permission or not. A workflow Approval step can be assigned to someone even if they just have a Client license. The only requirement to being able to address an Approval step is that you are either assigned directly to the step (or via a role-based assignment like "requestor's manager"), or you have the security role permission mentioned. - Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 4:39 PM
Got it. Thank you for your help. - Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 4:51 PM
Is there a way to export a report of a user and their manager? - Rick Garcia Fri 1/5/24 5:06 PM
You can create a custom People report in Analysis where you can list the name of your resources, and if you include the Reports To column, it will show who their manager is too. - Mark Sayers Mon 1/8/24 8:57 AM