Report for "Age" after Assignment

Hello, we have a customer who wants a report "that shows the age of a ticket after assignment".  For example, most tickets go to a Tier 1 group, and then the ticket could be assigned to a Tier 2 group.  We are looking for a built-in metric to show the age between the "last assignment" to the Tier 2 group and before the ticket is modified.

I can see how to do this by exporting to an Excel file and doing some date arithmetic, but I can't seem to find a combination of built-in metrics that provide what we are looking for.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Tevis

Asked by Tevis Boulware on Fri 1/5/24 1:10 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 1:26 PM

Hello Tevis,

If the ticket is being Created with the Tier 1 group assigned, then the Create to Init Assign value will be 0 since there was no time passage as they happened at the same time.

So wouldn't this just be then the Create to Last Assign (Op) metric? To get the amount of time from creation to the last assignment action on the ticket?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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This wouldn't give the "age" of the ticket since it was last assigned, only the total age of the ticket. To find the age since assigned to Tier 2 would require the "modified" value as well, and then do the arithmetic in an Excel spreadsheet. However the user is looking for a report to put on a desktop.

I am not sure this can be extracted with the built-in metrics, but hoping you see something I don't.

- Tevis Boulware Fri 1/5/24 1:30 PM
You're right, unfortunately none of the metrics seem to capture that data specifically. I think this would be an enhancement "ask" to get at that sort of ticket data. - Mark Sayers Fri 1/5/24 1:34 PM