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I'm working on a ticket in which people need their cell phones equipped with an international plan when they travel.  They tell us the travel dates and we want to trigger a task that the tech would go in the day before travel and turn on the international features. Then, based on the return date, the tech would get a task to turn off the international features.

I tried this:

But it doesn't seem to work.  It could be that there is the existing task template, but I don't think they interfere with each other.

Asked by Sheila McBride on Thu 1/4/24 4:30 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 1/4/24 4:44 PM

Hello Sheila,

If you're tracking these dates in custom attributes you should be able to design a loop that checks for whether [attribute name here] is "today" so you can wait 1 day in your Timer and check until it reaches that specified date. When it finally *is* equal to "today", it will exit the loop and continue on to the next step (which would be the step to disable the international features).

You'd need a loop like so for the condition check:

  1. Condition to check is [date field] "today"
  2. if false, Timer for 1 day
  3. Arbitrary web service step (something to cause the "loop" without it being an automatic loop, which the workflow will validate against and prevent if you don't have this step here).

Loop step 3 back to the Condition step and continue it as long as the Condition remains false.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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