Limit on bulk API operations?

I'm looking to bulk add people to an Org application. The /people/bulk/changeorgapplications endpoint is the exact solution I need but the documentation doesn't state what the maximum length of the list of UserUIDs I can include in my payload. Is there a known limit? I've tested up to 20 at a time myself but I thought it might be faster to just ask. 

Asked by Nick Nunn on Thu 1/4/24 12:44 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 1/4/24 2:51 PM

Hello Nick,

There isn't a hard limit on the count of UIDs you can include in this call, however there *is* a somewhat arbitrary payload data size limit at some point of around 3.5-4 MB, though if you do try to get up to the actual size limit, your request is gonna take forever to get processed/handled.

I'd recommend submitting calls in batches of 5-10k UIDs at a time if you have large numbers of accounts to be updated.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for the starting suggestion of the 5-10K users per call and the details about payload size. That should be plenty!
- Nick Nunn Thu 1/4/24 3:36 PM
Sure thing! - Mark Sayers Thu 1/4/24 3:40 PM