Ticketing email error/automatic replies

We have emails going to news@fsw.edu and when they do we have it automatically create a ticket, however, we made it so tickets wouldn't be created when an automatic out of office response occurs.  there is a glitch ,as for some reason we just noticed that when a staff member (not sure if it is specific to her email or all out of office emails though) but a ticket was created and now every time her out of office triggers, it makes a new ticket.  How can we fix this? see example below

Asked by Michelle King on Tue 1/2/24 10:53 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 1/2/24 11:00 AM

Hello Michelle,

Do you have any actual user accounts in TDX that use that email address on their accounts as the Alert/Notification address ( news@fsw.edu )?

If so, I would remove that as monitored email addresses should *not* be listed on TDX accounts in any Alert/Notification field values.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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HI Mark,
Not that I can find or there an easy way to do a broad search instead of looking up individually?
- Michelle King Tue 1/2/24 11:18 AM
The search would be to go to TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Users, and then enter that email address into the search bar. If it is associated with any user accounts, it would return them that way. - Mark Sayers Tue 1/2/24 11:23 AM
Yes, that is what I did, but nothing returned
- Michelle King Tue 1/2/24 11:25 AM
Are you also emailing notifications *from* TDX using that news email address? - Mark Sayers Tue 1/2/24 11:34 AM
HI Mark,
Sorry for the delay. No, I don't believe. I'm only trying to help out a colleague while he is out of the office. After consulting internally, we have come up with a way to temporarily stop the generating of "new" tickets from the automatic out of office replies. After he returns next week, I will follow up with him, as maybe he knows how to fix the issue. If not, we will be in touch. Thanks again for your assistance.
- Michelle King Tue 1/2/24 4:19 PM