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We have a situation where the resource was working for a certain period say from Oct 2021 through June 2023 and took a sabbatical. The person has rejoined now. How do I set the dates for the user in the Users Section in Administration Tab. 



Asked by Meena Murali on Wed 12/27/23 3:51 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 12/27/23 4:49 PM

Hello Meena,

Which dates are you referring to? If you mean their capacity dates, that is just in TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Users, locate their account and open it, and then scroll down the General section of their account till you find the capacity date fields.


Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Yes thats the date, But It has only From Date and To Date. How do I show the split dates. (to include the old one as well). Or do I just use the new starting date? - Meena Murali Wed 12/27/23 4:53 PM
Just use a new starting date for when they came back, or else keep their original date I suppose. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/27/23 5:08 PM