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I administer our service catalog, and was pointed to this support avenue by our Global Admins. Essentially, is it possible to run a single report that enumerates the entire service catalog (as it relates to our campus not the entire university system) and export it to Excel?

There are individual reports available via the Analysis app, but they do not have the connections that I need for a full picture in one location and would require me to joint multiple reports to get close to the data I am looking for. We are revamping the service catalog and need to perform an analysis on the data that is already present in order to offer guidance for the future state.

Our catalog structure is somewhat based on the EDUCAUSE model. So, I'm looking for Categories (e.g., Communication and Collaboration); a second Category level, which mimics Services (e.g., Conferencing and Telephones); Services, which we use as Service Offerings (e.g., Microsoft Teams and Zoom); and Service Attributes. We have a minimal number of what TDX calls Service Offerings, but do not have Service Offering Attributes.



Asked by Jonathan Dixon on Thu 12/21/23 3:26 PM
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Brittany Renn Thu 12/21/23 3:44 PM

Hi Jonathan, 

Unfortunately, there is not currently a report source that would support reporting on both Services & Offerings within the same report. You could still report on the Services/Offerings individually and then combine the results in Excel, though. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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