Tech Desktop Module Not Showing All Tickets

As you can tell, we went live campus-wide, and the techs are asking a lot of questions.

1.  One tech noticed that in Desktop=>Assigned to Me area, not all his tickets are appearing.  Specifically, these two are missing

I checked, and they seem to have the same primary responsibility as the rest of his tickets.

2.  For the same two, he tried to set one as a parent to the other.  But he sees no evidence of that except that it won't take a parent again.  Where can we see this relationship.  Of course, I was under the impression that an SR could not be a parent of another SR.


Asked by Sheila McBride on Tue 12/19/23 3:37 PM Last edited Tue 12/19/23 3:42 PM
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Brittany Renn Tue 12/19/23 3:44 PM

Hi Sheila, 

A Service Request cannot be a Parent of another Service Request, so if those tickets should have a Parent/Child relationship, you'd need to change the classification on one of those tickets to a Change, Problem, or Release.

That said, is the "Assigned to Me" area a custom report that the user is looking at? If so, you probably want to look into the report criteria and ensure those 2 tickets align with the report specifications. 

Let me know if this helps or not. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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Mark Sayers Tue 12/19/23 3:44 PM

Hi Sheila,

You are correct that a Service Request cannot be the parent of another Service Request.

What are the details of those two tickets in particular? Are they the same classification of ticket? which one is that?

Are they assigned to the same person/group? If so, which one/who?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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