Preventative Maintenance

We're looking to do regular preventative maintenance with a facilities group using the ticketing and assets apps. For example, monthly fire extinguisher inspection in a building.

Would you start from a ticket, and if so, how?

For example, a scheduled ticket might work, but how would you go about updating the target assets? You can attach multiple assets to a ticket (but not in a scheduled ticket configuration as far as I can tell). Even then how would you update the assets in question? I can see asset reports (e.g. last inspected > 1 month ago) helping, or perhaps saved searches followed by a batch update?

Or perhaps an iPaaS form that collects the assets organized by building?

Ideas very welcome

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Asked by David Tod on Tue 12/19/23 11:59 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 12/19/23 1:40 PM

Hello David,

You might have to make a scheduled ticket per asset, or at least one that contains the details (in it's configured form) to specify which assets it is for, then someone manually associates them all to the ticket.

If you had these items in a report you could certainly consume the report via iPaaS, store the results in a table in your flow, then iterate through each to PATCH them that they have all been inspected and give them new inspection date values or something. That iPaaS flow could be triggered from a ticket workflow that the scheduled ticket will be created with once a tech confirms on their part of the workflow that the inspection is done.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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