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I created a desktop for someone called "greg" this user can not see the desktop I made for them. I did this for someone earlier this year and they can see it. I can't figure out what I did to get them to see it. I only want this user to see that desktop.

Asked by James Richard on Tue 12/19/23 10:18 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 12/19/23 10:23 AM

Hi James,

What steps exactly did you take when creating Greg's desktop?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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in tdnext, i did new desktop and dragged the reports to the columns - James Richard Tue 12/19/23 10:30 AM
i did not create a desktop template in admin because I have my own desktop that is not in the template - James Richard Tue 12/19/23 10:31 AM
Ok, to give another use a desktop, you have to do this from TDAdmin. You either have to go into their account and build the desktop for them, or you have to build a desktop template, then give them (on their account in TDAdmin) a new desktop based on that template. Those are the only 2 ways for you to give someone else a new desktop.

Short of that, they'd have to build the desktop themselves in their TDNext > Desktop app tab.
- Mark Sayers Tue 12/19/23 11:08 AM
That's what i was looking for. Thank You - James Richard Wed 12/20/23 8:21 AM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Wed 12/20/23 10:10 AM