API Notify 2nd person on ticket Creation

I am trying to notify an additional contact when a ticket is being created through the API.  I can create the ticket but the additional notify is not added to the post when the ticket is being created.  I am using Python to create the ticket, below is the code I have so far.  The ticket is created, but the additional notify is not working and is not present in the response I get from the ticket creation.

ticket_api = 'https://URL/SBTDWebApi/api/31/tickets?EnableNotifyReviewer=false&NotifyRequestor=false,NotifyResponsible=false'

ticket_data = {
    'Title': 'Temp Title Name',
    'StatusID': 77,
    'Description': 'Temp Desc',
    'PriorityID': 20,
    'RequestorUid': 'valid-uid-here',
    'AccountID': 528,
    'TypeID': 36,
    'TypeName': 'Single Sign On/SSO',
    'TypeCategoryID': 7,
    'TypeCategoryName': 'Accounts, Passwords, and Identity',
    'Classification': 46,
    'Notify': [{'ItemRole': 'Contact', 'Name': 'valid-username', 'Initials': None, 'Value': 'email@domain.com', 'RefValue': 0, 'ProfileImageFileName': None}],
    'ClassificationName': 'Service Request'

response = requests.post(ticket_api, json=ticket_data, headers=headers)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Cory Lewis on Mon 12/18/23 8:49 AM
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Brittany Renn Mon 12/18/23 9:53 AM

Hi Cory, 

I just sent an update on the ticket that you have open about this and I think once the changes are made with the form, the notification should go through successfully. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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