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Is there a way to tie in a automated reminder after a custom status is set in a ticket


example, we send out calendar links with a set staus and we need it to remind us a week later

Asked by James Richard on Tue 12/12/23 11:38 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 12/12/23 11:43 AM

Hi James,

Is this automated reminder for your internal team, or for specific folks that are just on the ticket directly?

Because you could use a ticket report that looks for tickets in that status and deliver it to your email(s) each week to ensure those tickets are getting reviewed for reminders consistently.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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this is for the internal team, but when we change the status, is there a way to ping the prim responsibility after a week to check the ticket? - James Richard Tue 12/12/23 11:49 AM
Not in a way that is built into the system automatically. You could create a workflow though that sets that status and then has a timer step to wait a week then a Notification step to notify the ticket's responsible once that timer step ends. - Mark Sayers Tue 12/12/23 11:52 AM
Could you use the SLA functionality? - David Tod Tue 12/12/23 11:59 AM
Maybe, but the SLA isn't super dynamic. It just has a timer and executes escalation steps based on when the SLA was applied to the ticket. Also, it doesn't let you dynamically add custom users from the ticket to be notified. It's only for TDNext + ticket app users. - Mark Sayers Tue 12/12/23 12:02 PM