Email Monitor Sweep Frequency/Minutes

What is the time delay between email monitor sweeps?  We just saw one delayed by 10 minutes.  Can we control this setting?

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Asked by Jon Ricketson on Wed 12/6/23 10:15 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 12/6/23 10:29 AM

Hello Jon,

The email service checks for new emails roughly every ~1 minute. 

Sometimes that can be slightly more delayed if the current load on the microservices is higher than normal or if the scheduling process for the mail processors is delayed in getting requests for processing sent down to the mail processors.

Are you noticing a routine/consistent delay in mail processing, or just this one instance?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,
This is a new email monitor that I am watching so I don't have a lot of history. It was just alarming to our user group for this new ticketing application to see a 10 minute delay. I have always thought it was about 3 minutes on average. Can you or someone there look at this new monitor to see if there is a reason for long delays? The Ticketing App is Dartmouth Alumni Help Desk and the worst case delay was for ticket # 24358964 where the email was received in the Inbox 10 minutes before the ticket was created. The monitor is called Alumni.Help (f003q2b), ID 2052.
- Jon Ricketson Wed 12/6/23 10:36 AM
Sorry, the ticketing App is Dartmouth Alumni Ticketing, ID 3404 - Jon Ricketson Wed 12/6/23 10:37 AM
I also see in one of our busiest email monitors that it seems to drain about every 10 minutes during busy times of day. That monitor is called Help (dz10050), ID 736, in the ITC Ticketing app, ID 1163. - Jon Ricketson Wed 12/6/23 10:43 AM
Have you tried sending a test email to it to see how long that takes to get picked up? I can ask Engineering about that monitor for you. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/6/23 10:44 AM
I would need to know the date/time that the email shows as being sent/received into the Inbox so they can check logs to see what may have happened. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/6/23 10:45 AM
Yes. We just turned the Alumni.Help monitor on this morning and were testing it on a Zoom call with the whole team. We were seeing the 10 minute delays then and still. - Jon Ricketson Wed 12/6/23 10:46 AM
Ok, what *time* was the email in question received in the inbox, and vs the time that it was processed. I'm looking for the exact time it arrived this morning in that inbox so Engineering can be looking for logs from that point on. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/6/23 10:52 AM
This was the ticket that took 10 minutes to be created in TDX.
From: Lisa Thompson <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 9:58 AM
To: Alumni Help <>
Subject: Test ticket from unknown user

The email monitor log shows it Created ticket [24358964] at 10:08.
- Jon Ricketson Wed 12/6/23 11:02 AM
This appears to be related to a known issue with the scheduling engine that powers email monitors that is actively being worked on. If you'd like to submit a ticket about this to be informed when changes are made to this issue, you can put a support ticket in referencing ticket ID 23788963. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/6/23 11:59 AM