Canvas and TDX integration


We are looking to somehow get Canvas LMS escalated tickets sent over to TDX where we could recognize the fields and use them for routing. We are trying to stay away from an email monitor capturing the subject line which won't give us enough information to route. At a previous institution, I vaguely remember Blackboard helpdesk had a setup like this with TDX. I believe Canvas helpdesk uses Salesforce Service Cloud for their tool.  Does anyone have any ideas?



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Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Tue 12/5/23 8:30 AM
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David Tod Tue 12/5/23 8:50 AM

1. Yes, they use Salesforce.

2. My experience with the Canvas Helpdesk as an admin is that our access is pretty limited. I'm not aware of any API access, but your Canvas CSM may be able to help. This KB article suggests that something might be possible.

3. When tickets are escalated to me, I can use the Canvas Salesforce user interface to manage them if I want to -- although I find it weird and terrible. There are "macros" but I have not spent any time with them.

4. For what it's worth I built an iPaaS flow to enhance the email to ticket pipeline by including keywords in the email which assign the service and status, while detecting the requester and responsible.

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