Delete All Tasks - can they be recovered in one ticket?

We have a very long, complicated ticket that had quite a few tasks, but someone accidentally clicked on the "delete all tasks" in the ticket, and they are now gone.  Is there a way to recover those tasks, or go back one day?   Can you give us any additional solutions?   The ticket was not in a current status in our Sandbox, so that is not an option. 

A part B of the question, is can we disable the "delete all tasks" button? 

Thank you. 

Asked by David Browning on Mon 12/4/23 3:20 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 12/4/23 3:50 PM

Hello David,

Sadly, to address your part B question first, that is not an option.

Were those tasks from a workflow or task template though? You could reapply the template or workflow and then skip back to the point you remember it being at last.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks Mark, but a slight misunderstanding on my part. This was from a ticket task template, and the box was checked “delete any existing tasks”. Can the default be changed for future task templates, and secondly, anything that can be done about the deletion? Recovery options?

Appreciate any insight you can give.

- Dave.
- David Browning Mon 12/4/23 4:06 PM
I don't believe we have a way to recover tasks to a state that they'd look exactly as they are currently, no, unfortunately. There's also no way to change the default checked status of that setting. - Mark Sayers Mon 12/4/23 4:16 PM