Sharing TDX custom report in Microsoft Teams channel

We have a custom TDX report that we'd like to share to a Microsoft Teams channel. I was going to try to schedule the report via emailing it to the channel, but would need to create a pseudo user as TDX doesn't recognize the email as legit by itself. Before going that route, I wanted to inquire on whether it is possible to share a TDX report directly to Microsoft Teams and best practice to do so. We have enabled the TDX/Teams integration, if there is someway to automate that way. Or, is this something that would be possible via the API?  

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Asked by Christy Geesey on Mon 12/4/23 9:27 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 12/4/23 11:14 AM

Hello Christy,

The Teams Integration that we support does not currently include abilities to consume TDX reports, no.

You likely should proceed with creating a "pseudo" user to email it to that Teams channel directly.

The API *can* pull a TDX report, but I'm unsure if Teams has something that would allow you to send the results of that API report run to it. And it wouldn't be likely to present that data to Teams in a pretty/formatted way, it'd be all JSON objects of the tickets returned in the report.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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