Downloading a file from Amazon S3 Bucket

I am trying to download a file from an Amazon S3 bucket. 

I have created an Amazon S3 connector in iPaaS and configured AWS Signature credentials.  When I use the connector and credentials in a flow I can do some actions.  Get Bucket Region works, List Objects works, List Objects V2 works.  But if I try to do a Get Object I get the following error:

Re-authorization: Cannot re-authorize credentials. Unknown: . Initial response: {"?xml":{"@version":"1.0","@encoding":"UTF-8"},"Error":{"Code":"SignatureDoesNotMatch","Message":"The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.

How do I download a file from an S3 bucket?

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Asked by Cory Morgan-Berg on Wed 11/29/23 12:15 PM Last edited Wed 11/29/23 12:16 PM
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Mark Medaugh Mon 12/4/23 9:28 PM

Hi Cory,

This particular error message can have a number of causes - but the first thing I would suggest is to ensure that the user related to the access key/secret key pair in your credential has "s3:GetObjectAcl" or "READ_ACP" permissions. If you've confirmed the user in question has appropriate permissions, let me know and I'll get a ticket opened and we can dig more deeply into it

Mark Medaugh
Sr. Technical Consultant

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The permissions the user I am using has are:
• GetBucketLocation
• GetObject
• DeleteObject
• PutObject
• ListBucket
I am told it is not possible to have the permissions changed for this user
- Cory Morgan-Berg Thu 12/14/23 3:27 PM
Do you have any suggestions on how I could download files from an S3 bucket?
- Cory Morgan-Berg Tue 1/2/24 2:40 PM