Task report in Analysis app not showing completed date for all tasks 100%

I have a user that created a Task report within the analysis app and one of the criteria is to show the tasks completed date.  For two of the tasks, it shows the date and for two it doesn't show it.  I reviewed the report criteria and I cannot see anything that is missing either.  Any recommendations on how to troubleshoot the issue?

Asked by Leslie Czeck on Wed 11/22/23 10:02 AM
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Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 2:20 PM

Yes, they were marked 100% completed this week.  

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What cardwall lane are they in currently on their plan, and what is the configuration of that lane as far as the status it represents?

Just because the cards' subtasks have been marked completed doesn't mean the card itself has actually been moved into a "Completed" status cardwall plan lane.
- Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 2:27 PM

Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 2:31 PM

It is in the completed column of the card wall within the plan. And, the % Complete is set to 100%

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Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 2:11 PM Last edited Wed 11/22/23 2:11 PM

Yes, they are 100% complete.

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Sorry, I wasn't asking if they were 100% complete, I was meaning: is the date that they were set to 100% within the past week? If not, it wouldn't show on the report the way I advised it to be filtered.

I don't have a way to get into your environment to confirm project task details so I can't confirm that myself.
- Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 2:14 PM

Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 1:47 PM Last edited Wed 11/22/23 1:47 PM

I tried updating your filtering and it produced zero results.

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Ok, are you *certain* that the Completed dates of those 4 tasks falls within the filtering parameter of "the run date minus 1 week"? - Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 1:50 PM

Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 1:29 PM Last edited Wed 11/22/23 1:29 PM

Sorry, forgot another attachment.

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Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 1:17 PM Last edited Wed 11/22/23 1:17 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 10:04 AM

Hi Leslie,

Are the tasks in question actually marked at 100% complete on the project plan they come from?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Yes, they are marked as 100% complete. - Leslie Czeck Wed 11/22/23 12:11 PM
Can you show the criteria of the report's details so we can see how you've filtered it? - Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 1:12 PM
Are you using the Advanced Filtering option on this report? I think you'd need to since you are looking for specific task IDs. - Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 1:23 PM
The Advanced filtering probably should be like: 1 AND 2 AND 3 AND (4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 7)

Also, can you show the details page of the two tasks that do not appear to have Completed dates?
- Mark Sayers Wed 11/22/23 1:33 PM
We are still trying to figure out the issue with this report. Would it be easier to schedule a zoom session together? - Leslie Czeck Wed 12/6/23 8:38 AM