FCR reports and ITDL reports

Does TD have the capability to run FCR (First Call Resolution) reports? 

Was just hit with that question, but they also mentioned that there was a way to run an ITDL report in TDX based on our version.  we are using version 11.8

Asked by Justin Manibog on Mon 11/13/23 11:52 AM
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Answers (2)

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Mark Sayers Mon 11/13/23 12:18 PM

Hello Justin,

There isn't a super great way to go about this, but you can in general report on Assignment count. Generally, a count of 1 or 2 would be the best way to consider a ticket as resolved within the first call.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Greg Van De Mark Mon 11/13/23 1:29 PM

We have a "Closed (First Contact)" status that we use. The downside is that we cannot use some of the newer TDX automated closing processes because it messes up our numbers. We close manually.

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