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I am trying to create a Pie chart for a specific project with pieces of the pie indicating percent of project tasks in each Task Status (In progress,completed, overdue, not started, delayed).

It seems as though "Task Status" is not coming through on reports (I get "none" for every task), even though when I go into the waterfall plan, I am seeing task status (green check mark, red square, etc.)

Any tips on how I can resolve?

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Asked by Wendy Helm on Fri 11/10/23 11:33 AM
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Brittany Renn Fri 11/10/23 1:14 PM

Hi Wendy, 

Which report source are you using? I believe you'd have to create a Task Report in order to pull in the Task Status Name. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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Hi Brittany,
I created a custom Tasks report in the Projects tab/app.
I included the "Task Status Name" field in the report-- but for every row, that field says "None", even when the task has been completed.

My goal is to get a "Project Tasks Summary" pie chart showing status of a project's tasks (similar to the My Tasks summary chart). Should that be possible?
- Wendy Helm Fri 11/10/23 1:25 PM
Thanks, Wendy! So, the status of a Cardwall task is based on the column the task resides in. As for Waterfall tasks, they don't really have a status at all, they're just 0%-100% complete. As an alternative, you will likely want to report against start/end and % complete. That said, if you'd like to see a feature where Waterfall tasks have statuses like cardwalls to report on for "Task Status Name," I would suggest submitting an Enhancement Request here: - Brittany Renn Fri 11/10/23 1:31 PM
Thank you!
I had assumed since I can see the task status on the waterfall plan that it would be reportable.

Maybe I am approaching this incorrectly....When I create a desktop, one option is Projects / Tasks / Tasks Summary Chart (I believe it is a TDX canned report/chart)

I basically want that same chart with different filters...I want to display "for a single project, all tasks assigned to all resources", (instead of that chart which shows for a single resource, all tasks assigned across all projects)-- Do you know how that chart is built? Maybe I could try to emulate that
- Wendy Helm Fri 11/10/23 2:01 PM
There's really no way to replicate the canned report, unfortunately. Since waterfall tasks don't have status names, the only real way to report on those is through percent complete. You could try to filter all tasks based on "Completed has no value" or something similar, but I'm not aware of a way you'd be able to group by status for waterfall tasks. I think that would require an Enhancement Request to be granted at this point. - Brittany Renn Fri 11/10/23 2:45 PM