Alert / Notification Email in TDNext Analysis People Reports

I don't see the Alert / Notification Email attribute in TDNext Analysis People Reports.  Is that intentional or an oversight?  We are doing a large API-based update of this attribute and would like to see the results in a People Report after it runs.

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Asked by Jon Ricketson on Fri 11/3/23 10:09 AM
Hi Brittany,
Yes, if you could please convert this into an enhancement request I would be grateful.
Jon Ricketson
- Jon Ricketson Fri 11/3/23 12:20 PM
Sure thing. Enhancement Request was created and the ID is 24163503. - Brittany Renn Fri 11/3/23 12:57 PM
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Brittany Renn Fri 11/3/23 10:19 AM

Hi Jon, 

Unfortunately, it isn't currently possible to report on/export the Alert/Notification email field for people reports. I would suggest submitting this as an Enhancement Request so this kind of feature can be considered for future versions:

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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