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Hello everyone, is there a known issue with the Timer service in TDX Workflows?

I have a 1 minute timer in a couple different workflows, but it never takes 1 minute. It usually takes about 5 minutes, but I've seen it take over 10 minutes as well. 


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Asked by Tamara Buch on Wed 10/11/23 3:55 PM Last edited Wed 10/11/23 3:55 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 10/11/23 4:31 PM

Hello Tamara,

We *do* have a KB documenting background processes and the interval by which the backend processor performs a sweep to check for queued items ( here ) and the processor for a timer step currently operates on a 5 minute sweeping interval).

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Ah, OK thank you Mark. I would recommend adding a link to that article or information about the 5 minute sweep to your article on the Timer Step itself:

We did search and try to find something about why the time was not consistent and that article did not come up in our search.
- Tamara Buch Wed 10/11/23 4:43 PM
Also it's not super common for a timer step to be used for such a minute increment (pun intended) :) . Folks usually are opting for a longer period though to the point where a 5 minute processing interval for timer step evaluations is less noticeable. - Mark Sayers Wed 10/11/23 4:52 PM
Well whether it's common or not I would definitely say that information belongs in the "Gotchas & Pitfalls" section of the Timer Step article. :) - Tamara Buch Wed 10/11/23 4:57 PM
For sure! That's a fair ask. I'll take a look at getting something in there to mention that in the Timer Step article. - Mark Sayers Wed 10/11/23 4:59 PM
Thanks Mark! Have a great night :) - Tamara Buch Wed 10/11/23 5:30 PM