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We have a automation rule that grabs a certain type of ticket, and then changes the impact, urgency, priority, and assigns to a workflow. The automation rule works-ish. I successfully changes the responsibility, impact, urgency, but fails to add a workflow. Here is the list of Automated Actions:

But, as we can see, it was only able to change the impact and urgency (it didn't change priority, as that was already medium).

Could it have something to do with the fact that there is no TDX account for this user?

I have verified that the workflow is active.




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Asked by Justin Gonzales on Tue 7/11/23 6:50 PM Last edited Tue 7/11/23 6:51 PM
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Brittany Renn Wed 7/12/23 9:27 AM

Hi Justin, 

I think this definitely has to do with the Requestor on the ticket. Currently tickets that have a public requestor or no requestor at all cannot go through a workflow. If that is a feature that you'd like to see considered in future versions, I would suggest submitting a Product Idea, here:


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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Thanks Brittany, is there a way to automatically switch requestors? - Justin Gonzales Wed 7/12/23 11:36 AM
Unfortunately there isn't a way to auto-swap requestors, no. - Mark Sayers Wed 7/12/23 11:39 AM