wait for previous workflow steps to be completed

I have created a workflow that has worked fine, but the people using the workflow wants the final step to wait until all the other steps have been completed.

I know this can be done (using wait for previous steps to be completed), but I cannot seem to find this option now.

Can I add this to a single step, or do I have to recreated the entire workflow from scratch?

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Mon 6/26/23 9:29 AM
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Brittany Renn Mon 6/26/23 9:44 AM

Hi Matthew, 

I believe what you'd need is a collector step as the last step of the workflow. This step joins several paths of a workflow and waits for all of the paths to complete. It will start as soon as any step links to it and will complete when all of the steps that link to it have completed.

Let me know if you have further questions! 


Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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