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Good morning, our tutoring center is using the "Time and Expenses" area to track tutor work hours. We want to know if there is an option to approve time en masse? The tutoring center has around 60 tutors. We turn in time sheets once a month, so the coordinator has mentioned they have to  click through each week and approve them, making it tedious for them. Is there a better way to set this up or is it possible to approve a single tutors multiple entries?

Asked by Abelardo Huereque on Wed 5/31/23 12:51 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 5/31/23 1:30 PM

Hello Abelardo,

Unforutnately you can only approve one time sheet at a time. If the full time sheet is submitted they can approve the time sheet as a whole at least. 

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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A follow up question on this issues. Is there any automation or workflow that can be done with Time and Expenses. For example, there are two tutors -one has a AS degree and the other has a Bachelors. If they each log in an hour for a program like EOPS, the hours are charged to two different accounts. Right now, I have different time types with different accounts, but the tutors can get confused when selecting the right accounts. Any help would be appreciated. - Abelardo Huereque Wed 5/31/23 5:13 PM
There's not an automation point that would enter time entries for a user and intrinsically know which time type they were wanting to use, no. You could *build* something that makes that entry happen for them via the API given some sort of information they provide, but you'd have to do that custom, or use iPaaS to do it if you have purchased that. - Mark Sayers Thu 6/1/23 9:54 AM