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We are getting some reports of the Desktop Auto Refresh being inconsistent and not working for some of our users even after confirming they had the setting enabled. Has anyone else reported this or seen this?

I've only ever seen this not work once when I open the desktop in a tab in Chrome and worked in other tabs for a couple hours. When I went back to the desktop tab, the data was stale. My initial thought was this was somehow related to how Chrome manages background tabs but I'm curious what others have seen. 


Asked by Nick Nunn on Thu 5/25/23 12:57 PM
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Suzanne Purdum Fri 5/26/23 4:59 PM

TDX Desktop refresh

 I enabled auto-refresh on a desktop we have shortly after it became available.  Today I noticed on the desktop a circle with a line through it in the top right hand corner of the refresh on each of the reports. 

The tool tips reads, “Refresh (auto-refresh disabled for this desktop)”. Where is it disabled?

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You have to edit your desktop in TDNext > Desktops, and mark it as auto-refreshed using that checkbox. - Mark Sayers Tue 5/30/23 11:18 AM