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So if you are a technician and working a ticket unless you click on the People link at the top of the ticket you do not see the other contacts on a ticket. Is there some way to add the number of people on the ticket?

Or is there somewhere on the General screen of the ticket that shows the people added without clicking on People. 

Asked by Brian Harmon on Sat 5/20/23 8:02 PM
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Brittany Renn Mon 5/22/23 9:37 AM

Hi Brian, 

If you're making a ticket comment, you can see all of the contacts in the Notify drop down menu. You could add the default 'Contact' attribute to your ticket forms if you wanted an attribute on the General tab to show the individual(s) listed as a contact on a ticket, though. Otherwise, they'd only appear on the People tab. 



Brittany Renn

Support Consultant 

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