Fields 1-10 on project tasks

What is the purpose of Field 1, Field 2, etc on project tasks? It doesn't appear you can rename them, and you can't even edit them when you're looking at a card on a card wall. How do people use them? 



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Asked by Mariah Rible on Mon 5/1/23 12:09 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 5/1/23 12:20 PM

On a Cardwall/card, you can't rename those fields for the cardwall specifically, no. You *can* create a waterfall plan on that same project and configure those columns though to give them a custom name.

It's not really all that useful to have values for those fields for a card though, because outside of accessing them from a report and then editing them, you can't see the fields within the normal view of a cardwall task.

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