Existing ticket behavior for workflow and time


I had a couple questions about the expected behavior of an existing ticket different features:

  1. Updating the Service of an existing ticket -> should it automatically apply the workflow of the new Service? Or does the workflow need to be manually applied?
  2. Updating the Type of an existing ticket -> should it automatically apply the related Time of the new Type applied? Or does the Time need to be manually applied?



Asked by Phuong Hoang on Fri 3/17/23 2:25 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 3/17/23 2:28 PM

Hello Phuong,

  1. No, it doesn't automatically apply the workflow for that service, it would just cause the "Service" value for the ticket to be changed.
  2. No, those have to be manually applied/associated with the ticket. The original Type's associated time types are the only ones that automatically are applied to the created ticket. Any potential new ticket type would have to have its Time Types manually applied to the ticket.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Ok thanks for confirming! - Phuong Hoang Fri 3/17/23 2:29 PM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Fri 3/17/23 2:30 PM