How do you stop workflow/web services if a ticket has been resolved?

Finding that when a ticket has been resolved or cancelled or if an approval is rejected that the WF will not stop. Any Tasks, notifications, etc keep running. How do you stop this?

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Asked by Chrissie Kenny on Fri 3/17/23 1:36 PM
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Brittany Renn Fri 3/17/23 1:54 PM

Hi Chrissie, 

Would you be able to upload a screenshot of the workflow? It'd be helpful to see which path is configured after the approval step gets rejected. You should be able to create a separate path that could lead to a condition step to see if the ticket was cancelled/closed. 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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Too add, there's nothing that really stops an already active web service step from being processed. If it was activated because the workflow reached that step, then it's going to still be handled by the alert delivery service. The only way to "stop" it would be if you had permission to approve/complete steps even when you aren't responsible for them. - Brittany Renn Fri 3/17/23 1:59 PM