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There was a previous question about the changes required if a group name is changed.  Could you clarify your answer regarding responsibility fields/filters?

Does this mean that reports that filtered on the old group name would need to be updated?  What is meant by referenced by their former name in any responsibility fields?  Is this referring to tickets created with the old name that would need to be bulk updated?  When you create a report to show all tickets handled by a group, do you need to include the previous group name & the new group name  to pull tickets created under both names.  I'm looking for clarification on what instances you'd have to remove and re-add the new group name.

Previous Answer

"You do not have to change your service, form, ticket type, email monitor, etc. names also, no.

What could happen though for some of those items is the group will continue to be referenced by their former name in any responsibility fields or filters, until such time as you'd remove them and re-add them back to those fields/filters.

All-in-all, renaming a group is not the end of the world and there isn't a ton of work you *must* do, because anything that filtered on their group or that they are responsible for by default will continue to populate the group as responsible and will continue to filter on their group."

Asked by Ann Gerwitz on Thu 3/16/23 3:32 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/16/23 3:45 PM

Hello Ann,

It just means the filter on reports (that do filter on groups by name) would continue to display the name of the group from the time it was added to the report's filter, which may make it *seem* as if the report is filtering on an incorrect group when in reality the only thing "off" is that the name of that group has been modified.

The filtering, if present, would *still* properly filter on things associated/related to that group based on the filter being used.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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