Adding a notification step to a workflow if there has been no activity for 5 business days


I have a very complex work flow for Faculty Pay approval that I've been asked to put a notification step in at the initial approval when the request has sit idle for 5 days. The work flow itself is working fine, it's just that sometimes people forget that they need to approve something.


the first step in the work flow, once the request is created, is to notify the supervisor that the ticket exists, and the second step is an Approval of the request. I want to add something at the second step that will re-send the initial notification after 5 days of idle. Basically, an automated process for the manual process of clicking the "re-send notification" link.


My first attempt was to create a timer step off of step 2, set for 5 days, and that would trigger a notification step and an email to the approver. What was happening is that the work flow stopped after 5 days because of the timer. I would then need to "skip" the timer step, which would move the approval forward.

Is there an easy way to set this up:

Set up a step to notify the approver that they need to take action. If they do so, the work flow moves on. If they continue to ignore these, the notification should be send every 5 days unitl the step is satisfied and the work flow moves forward.


Thanks for any consideration given to this!


Eugene McGeehan


Asked by Eugene McGeehan on Wed 3/8/23 9:42 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 3/8/23 9:59 AM

Hello Eugene,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to make an automated notification be specifically based on whether or not a specific step in the workflow remains incomplete. None of the workflow steps have the ability to filter on completion status of other workflow steps. You could put the timer step like you're mentioning, followed by a Notification step, but if the workflow is stopping due to the Timer step, it sounds like your Alert Delivery Service on your installed environment isn't working properly or may not be activated.

You'd have to inspect your webserver where TeamDynamix is installed and ensure that service is active currently and/or check its logs to see if it is currently erroring. It should not cause a workflow to be stopped/hung up just because a Timer step has been activated.

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Thanks Mark! - Eugene McGeehan Wed 3/8/23 12:48 PM