iPaaS flow issues

We noticed issues with the workflows associated with iPaaS around 3:18pm yesterday, Monday.  Has anyone else experienced issues with their flows, like the one below?​​​​​

System (private)
The "Ticket Status Change: On Hold Awaiting Approval" IPaaS flow step completed unsuccessfully.
A fatal error was encountered. Message: Response status code does not indicate success: 504 (Gateway Time-out)

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Asked by Robert Kelly on Tue 1/24/23 9:36 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 1/24/23 9:57 AM

Hi Robert,

I believe Bryan already submitted a support ticket reporting this issue to us. We're investigating what caused this, but it did seem to resolve after a short time.

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Hi Mark,
Thanks. I am very interested in the cause and what actions, if any, are required on our side to resolve.
- Robert Kelly Tue 1/24/23 10:01 AM
Initial suspicions are that it was on the ticketing workflow side of things, not the iPaaS/configuration side. - Mark Sayers Tue 1/24/23 10:02 AM
All of our webhooks went unchecked without explanation. - Robert Kelly Tue 1/24/23 4:14 PM