Converted Service Request to a Task Unintentionally


We have Converted Service Request to a Task Unintentionally.  Is there a method to undo that action so that we can re-assign the service request?

Ticket states: "Because this service request has been converted to a task, its start date, due date, estimated hours, and responsibility cannot be edited. In addition, because this ticket has not been marked as being completed, the status cannot be edited."

Thank you.


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Asked by Sarah Glatz on Mon 1/23/23 3:03 PM
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Answers (2)

Sarah Glatz Mon 1/23/23 3:19 PM Last edited Mon 1/23/23 3:19 PM

Hi Mark.  Thanks for the prompt response.

I do not see where I can delete or change the % complete on this task.  I've attached a visual.    Can you be a little more specific as to how to "free up" this ticket for reassignment?



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That screen shot appears to be from the ticket itself. You need to access the actual task that you converted it to in order to modify said task. - Mark Sayers Mon 1/23/23 3:20 PM

Mark Sayers Mon 1/23/23 3:05 PM

Hello Sarah,

You could delete the task that it was converted to, or you could mark the task as 100% completed. Either of those actions should "free" up the ticket for further actions.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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