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Hello, after all the time I have been working with TDX, I just noticed something about Custom Field names.  

I have several forms that reuse attributes, and when I put the reusable attribute on the form provides a custom name specific to the form.  However, I just noticed that when the field appears on the ticket, the custom field name is not displayed, but the attribute identifier is displayed.

Is this the expected behavior?

Asked by Tevis Boulware on Wed 1/18/23 12:31 PM
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Brittany Renn Wed 1/18/23 1:40 PM

Hi Tevis, 

At this time the behavior you describe *is* expected. The name that the attribute is given in Admin > Applications > [ticket app] > Attributes is the default name of the attribute. There is not a way to prevent the default attribute name from appearing on the ticket once it has been created. Custom field names are only visible on the ticket creation form that those fields may appear on. If you wanted to see a change in that behavior, I would suggest submitting an Enhancement Request so that the feature to reflect custom field names after a ticket has been created can be considered in future versions. 

Please let me know if you have further questions about this! 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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