Request Score visibility on the Client Portal

Is there a way for request scores (Risk, Goal, Scorecard and Composite) to be visible w/in the Client Portal?

Or even w/in the project details section if it's approved and converted from a request?

Authenticated TDClient Portal users – and specifically the requestor/resources.

Just looking for the section noted in the attachment to be visible.



Asked by Rebecca Murphy on Fri 1/13/23 9:21 AM Last edited Fri 1/13/23 9:46 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/13/23 9:24 AM

Hello Rebecca,

Under what circumstances are you asking for it to be visible? Do you mean to authenticated users or public site visitors?

Project requests themselves are not public and so are only visible to those who have permissions to submit project requests, view the service catalog, and who are the requestor or a resource on the request in question.

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updated original question and included an attachment - Rebecca Murphy Fri 1/13/23 9:46 AM
If you're authenticated and are a resource or requestor of the unsubmitted project request, you can access it in your Services > Project Requests area of the client portal, and scroll the General section of the request down to view the boxes denoting the scoring for its scorecard (if it has the scorecard section activated, and if that scorecard has been completed for this particular request). - Mark Sayers Fri 1/13/23 10:11 AM