Retrieving or Reports for Deleted Tickets


Is there a way to view deleted tickets, or report on how many tickets were deleted in a period of time?

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Asked by Kristi Oetting on Tue 1/10/23 4:47 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 1/10/23 4:55 PM

Hello Kristi,

Deleted tickets by definition no longer exist, and there is no way to report on the absence of tickets currently. If you are actively deleting tickets, perhaps the permission to do so should be relegated to a very few persons so you can keep track of who is doing this.

It is only possible by Organization TDX Administrators who have the Delete Tickets permission.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant

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Thank you, Mark. - Kristi Oetting Wed 1/11/23 9:05 AM
You're very welcome! I wish I had a better answer for you but unfortunately the reporting features are what they are right now. You could always put in an enhancement to ask for a way to report on quantities of deleted tickets in certain time/date ranges if it is something your organization would truly find useful: - Mark Sayers Wed 1/11/23 9:13 AM