Report on Project Benefits

The only reporting value I see for projects is 'Benefits', which includes just the Benefit Type, and the total benefit$ (see highlighted fields in attachment)

  • Is there no way to report at the Year level (see attachment)?
  • Is there no way to report on the Intangible Benefit value (see attachment)? 



Asked by Rebecca Murphy on Fri 1/6/23 11:38 AM Last edited Fri 1/6/23 11:38 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/6/23 12:36 PM

Hello Rebecca,

Unfortunately there is not a way to report on Benefits in a more granular manner such as you're asking about. You might consider submitting an enhancement request though to ask for better reporting options for benefits:

I'll ask around if anyone in the services team has ideas on how this might be achieved from a reporting standpoint, but currently the Benefits column just gives the name of the benefit and then its total dollar benefit amount.

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