Duplicate assets using Excel Import

We are feeding some server information over into TDX using Sassafras, but I want to upload some additional information for the servers that can't be gathered using Sassafras.  We don't have service tags for servers and only have serial numbers for physical servers (not VMs).  I thought I could match based on name but instead of adding the additional information to the existing server, it duplicated the servers so there are two listings with the same name.  Is there a way to match based on name? 

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Asked by Susan Galvin on Thu 12/8/22 11:32 AM
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Brittany Renn Thu 12/8/22 1:17 PM

Hi Susan, 

Are you uploading using the Asset import XML tool or via the manual excel-based uploader supported in the interface? If you are using the excel-based uploader, that importer matches based on Service Tag first then External ID. I don't believe that Name is currently a matching field for duplication prevention.


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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Hi Brittany,

I'm uploading through the import template in TDNext where I can upload an Excel spreadsheet. So that means I can't match on name I believe, correct?

- Susan Galvin Thu 12/8/22 1:57 PM
Hi Susan, That's correct. That importer matches based on Service Tag first then External ID. - Brittany Renn Thu 12/8/22 2:04 PM
Brittany, I added a service tag number to existing servers in TDX. I then made sure that my import template had that service tag number on it. I expected the information on the upload template to merge with the existing information for the servers but it looks like it replaced/wiped out the information that had fed over from Sassafras. In other words, for a particular server, there will be some info coming from Sassafras and some info that will be uploaded (one-time), using the upload template. Can you not do that? What am I doing wrong?

- Susan Galvin Fri 12/9/22 4:15 PM
Brittany, never mind, we figured it out. I hadn't deleted the columns that I wasn't putting info in and it changed fields that had info to nothing because I had nothing in those columns. - Susan Galvin Fri 12/9/22 4:29 PM