Contacts ability to view ticket details

Is there a way for contacts on a ticket to be able to view the details of the ticket? Example: 2 fields we have are "Items to be tested" which outlines some information and 'Comments' which again, outlines some information.  We have added a couple of contacts to the ticket but it appears that our contacts are never able to view the ticket details and comments.  Are we missing a step?  It seems odd that they can't really see anything.


Asked by Randi Buckley on Fri 10/28/22 2:51 PM Last edited Fri 10/28/22 2:53 PM
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Brittany Renn Fri 10/28/22 3:15 PM

Hi Randi, 

Are you wanting the contacts in question to be able to see the tickets in the client portal? If so and if they can't see them at all, you'll want to be sure you are enabling the "Allow ticket contacts to view tickets in Client Portal," setting in TDAdmin. If they are able to see the ticket but not certain fields/comments, you may want to put in a support ticket so that we can look deeper into the views between the requester and the contact(s). 

Brittany Renn 

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Hi Brittany,
Yes, that is exactly what we would like. I do have "Allow ticket contacts to view tickets in Client Portal" set but they are just seeing the bare minimum of info: Account/Department, Service, Reviewer, Created and Last Modified. I may be missing something and it has just come to our attention that they are not able to see the details of the tickets. I'm sure this is not a new issue, just now we have someone who pointed it out. I will add a support ticket!
Thank you!!!
- Randi Buckley Fri 10/28/22 3:19 PM