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When creating a web service auth account, is it possible to remove the prompt=consent query parameter from the authorization query? One service that we are trying to connect to is showing a blank pop-up page with the title Consent Required when I click on Generate Tokens. It seems like it redirects properly after I log in, but gets stuck on the consent page since nothing loads. I was able to generate a token in Postman using the same process with the Client ID and Secret, but that did not require providing consent, so it seems like it should work as long as that parameter is not included.


Asked by Isaac Ramirez on Thu 10/27/22 4:21 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 10/27/22 4:58 PM

Hello Isaac,

Firstly let me inquire as to what type of web service auth account are you trying to create?

If it's a generic OAuth type account and not specific to Microsoft, what system specifically is it for?

I do not believe we'd be able to change it for you without an enhancement to the system being approved, but you could always submit it as an enhancement idea if this is truly not something we'd support right now.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

I'm trying to create a generic OAuth type account for Panopto to be able to use their API through a workflow. I tried entering "?prompt=none" after the url in the Authorization Endpoint field, but that didn't work. I was wondering if there was a workaround like that to try first. Otherwise, having to request it as an enhancement makes sense.

- Isaac Ramirez Fri 10/28/22 8:21 AM
Unfortunately what you're attempting isn't currently possible. It would make a good enhancement idea though. - Mark Sayers Mon 10/31/22 4:44 PM
Thanks for confirming, Mark. I will submit an enhancement request. - Isaac Ramirez Tue 11/1/22 3:30 PM