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Is there some type of tutorial with best practices regarding searching successfully in the Knowledge Base we have set up with TDX? I have some employees who find it difficult to locate or find articles  they may be needing. A tutorial on best ways to search may be helpful.

Asked by Denise McCarthy on Tue 10/25/22 2:55 PM
Hi Denise,

Please see below.

- Brittany Renn Tue 10/25/22 3:20 PM
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Brittany Renn Thu 10/27/22 9:56 AM

Hi Denise, 

I would suggest making sure that you have clear defined categories in the Knowledge Base and that all articles are associated to specific categories. From there, utilizing the 'tags' on every KB article is very helpful for searching capabilities. If a tag is associated with an article, then if someone searches that tag, it should populate in search results. Is there a specific complaint that comes up frequently for you? 

Also, there are some Knowledge Base examples in this article that you might find useful in regards to best practices:

Brittany Renn

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