Users seeing duplicate desktops in TDNext

User who have had a desktop template shared with them are seeing duplicates of some (but not all) of the desktops listed in the drop down. The desktops appear to be identical when opened. Screenshot attached. I have the same desktop and do not see the duplicates. I've checked the desktop template sharing and everything looks the same. Any ideas on what be causing this? Thanks!


Asked by Tracey Davis on Tue 10/25/22 1:27 PM Last edited Tue 10/25/22 1:27 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 10/25/22 2:23 PM

Hello Tracey,
If you go to TDAdmin > Users & Roles > Users, and open up Jennifer's account then go to Desktops, she legitimately has multiple desktops of the same name. I suspect this is because she had the custom desktop then someone also marked the desktop as linked and assigned it to her. You'd need to edit her account there in TDAdmin to remove the custom desktop(s). Or she can try to remove them herself from TDnext.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks Mark - that solved it. Interestingly, some of them had the same time stamp on the Created Date. Either way...fixed now! :) - Tracey Davis Tue 10/25/22 3:46 PM
It could be a case of a person double-clicking on the action to add the desktop to her account that made it get added twice, or something else could have gone wrong during the desktop add action. - Mark Sayers Tue 10/25/22 3:50 PM