Weird Error when trying to activate TD Email Monitor


I am currently trying to set up a TD Email Monitor (which I have done before), but for some reason I keep getting the following error:

"Could not connect to server. Please check to make sure the credentials, server name, and port are correct." 

I can see the TD Email Monitor in the list, however, it is inactive and will not activate.

Any ideas as to how to fix this?



Asked by Jason Badia on Tue 10/25/22 12:52 PM Last edited Tue 10/25/22 12:52 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 10/25/22 1:03 PM

Hello Jason,

This is likely due to how you generated your access token and likely because your own account was signed in to SSO at the time you generated the token for the auth account.

My suggestion is to open a tab on your browser and sign yourself out of first, then click the Generate Token button on the auth account page. Then sign in to the Microsoft prompt using the credentials of the mailbox itself if at all possible.


Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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I deleted the old, and reinput all of the correct information and ensured that it was the correct account that was logged in, but am still receiving the same error message when trying to activate the Email Monitor. Any thoughts? - Jason Badia Tue 10/25/22 1:11 PM
Did the window pop open when you clicked the Generate button for the tokens of the auth account and allow you to enter credentials, or did the window simply flash and the token fields were populated?

If it didn't allow you to specifically choose which account you want to generate the tokens with, then there's still something registering that an account is currently signed in to O365 in that browsing session and you need to sign the current account out.

If you know how to sign in to TDAdmin in a private browsing session around SSO you could try going that route. If you're not familiar with your local credentials that might not be a viable option without further assistance from our side and I'd recommend submitting a ticket so Support can formally address it in a non-public forum.
- Mark Sayers Tue 10/25/22 1:15 PM
Yes, the window popped up and I chose the correct account prior to generating the tokens. - Jason Badia Tue 10/25/22 1:16 PM
Ok, which type of auth account were you attempting to use and in the Azure app that was created for this, did the relevant permissions get added for that type of auth account?

If it's an OAuth IMAP type account, is IMAP still enabled on this mailbox?

If it is OAuth non-IMAP, were the 2 API permissions added in Azure?
- Mark Sayers Tue 10/25/22 1:24 PM
The auth account is active, and it is a Microsoft OAuth 2.0 (IMAP) account. It should be enabled, but how do I ensure it is enabled in the mailbox? - Jason Badia Tue 10/25/22 1:32 PM
I found it -- and I believe that was the issue because it now works. My apologies and thank you so much for the help! - Jason Badia Tue 10/25/22 1:37 PM
You're very welcome! I'll cancel the ticket that you had created since we resolved it already. - Mark Sayers Tue 10/25/22 1:53 PM