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In the latest version of TDX, you can apprently create a custom location attribut that allows you to use "location" on a form more than once. For the types, we have "location" and "location and room". How are these supposed to work? If I use both, I cannot make "location and room" a child of "location", the "location and room" attribute type seems to only show locations and not rooms. What is the trick to get custom location attributes to work like the built in location attributes?

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Asked by David Mitchell on Thu 9/22/22 5:07 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 9/23/22 10:23 AM

Hello David,
A Location and Room field automatically utilizes a Location and a Room field together. You have to choose a Location first before the field for rooms for that location becomes available to choose from.

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Either i'm not getting it or it's not functioning as it should. Right now on my form i'm building, I just changed the custom location attributes. I now have two "location and room" attributes and I still don't see rooms. When I go into preview mode, if I select a building on the first custom "location and room" attribute, the second attribute displays buildings as well. - David Mitchell Fri 9/23/22 10:41 AM
Did you test it by viewing an actual ticket creation window, then enter a value for the "Location" portion of the Location and room field? if the location *does* have rooms, the Room field will appear. - Mark Sayers Fri 9/23/22 1:21 PM
I think that was it. I was testing on the form it self in "preview" as this was something I was working on and did not intend to publish yet, but adding it to an actual service, this attribute works. Thank you - David Mitchell Fri 9/23/22 1:28 PM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Fri 9/23/22 3:02 PM