Card Wall Attributes

Is there (or will there be) a way to create our user-defined attributes for cards on a Card Wall? Similar to how we can modify ticket forms and project attributes?

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Asked by Adam Reider on Fri 7/15/22 10:21 AM Last edited Fri 7/15/22 10:25 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 7/15/22 10:31 AM

Hello Adam,

There isn't a way currently to create user-defined attributes for cards. I'll check as to whether it is on the future radar at all though.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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I have a request in on this. Service Request #19386367:

Describe the problem this enhancement addresses.
Waterfall tasks have fields 1-10. Card walls do not.
Describe the ideal solution to the problem
Add fields 1-10 functionality to card walls.

(This is a +1 for ticket 4137882.)
- Greg Van De Mark Fri 7/15/22 10:37 AM
It is something that is on our radar, but not in an upcoming release just yet. Feel free to create an enhancement request to add your thoughts as to the use-case this would help with though! - Mark Sayers Fri 7/15/22 10:39 AM