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I have created some new asset forms for our CMDB, but they do not appear to be selected when someone clicks on +Asset.

What do I have to do so that they appear and can be used?

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Tue 6/28/22 11:00 AM Last edited Tue 6/28/22 1:33 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 6/28/22 1:28 PM

Hello Mathew,

Are the forms active?

Also, are they trying to use the form from the pinned menu or just once they open the asset creation window by clicking on one of the pinned forms?

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form is active, attached a screenshot, asset form does not show up. I realize that I can pick another form and then switch it, but the people who are going to be filling out the form are hoping it will just show up (saving a step) - Mathew Chandler Tue 6/28/22 1:34 PM
Did you select to Pin the form? It will only appear on the initial list of forms if you pin it in TDAdmin on the form's Settings tab. - Mark Sayers Tue 6/28/22 2:05 PM
I did - Mathew Chandler Tue 6/28/22 2:07 PM
In that case it should appear after you've refreshed TeamDynamix. Try hitting the F5 button on your keyboard while on the TDNext page, then navigate back to your asset app to see the pinned form show up. - Mark Sayers Tue 6/28/22 2:18 PM
Did what you suggested, still not showing up. - Mathew Chandler Tue 6/28/22 3:19 PM
Is this Production or Sandbox?

And what is the name of the form you're currently trying to get to show up?

Did you do a full sign off and sign on to TDX again?
- Mark Sayers Tue 6/28/22 3:22 PM
okay, that did the trick - Mathew Chandler Tue 6/28/22 3:27 PM
Great, it just sounded like your TDX Session wasn't fully updating when you refreshed, so sometimes a sign off/sign on is needed. - Mark Sayers Tue 6/28/22 3:29 PM