Question Around Roadmap Functionality for Projects and Workflows for Project Closeouts

I have 2 questions, first is around roadmap functionality for projects. We currently have a separate project plan that we created and insert all of our projects, with time lines, into this to display a makeshift roadmap.

1) Is there an automated way we can do this that will update when we update project plan time lines? We'd like to be able to show all the projects we are working on currently and our backlog of projects to plan out 6 months - a year in the future and show our campus this as well.


The other question is around project closeouts. We currently have a project closeout report that we send to the requester towards the end of the project to fill out. We attempted to create a workflow to automate this, however, there doesn't seem to be a function that lets the requester upload the document within the workflow.'

2) Are there workflow steps that allow uploads?

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Asked by Robert Childs on Wed 6/22/22 10:35 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 6/22/22 11:36 AM

Hello Robert,

If you're using a plan on a "general" project to contain data about other projects, there isn't a great automated way to update that plan with the details of your other projects to show when they reflect changes, no.

Project workflows are only in relation to documents, and the document workflows themselves do not facilitate uploading anything. If the user has access to the project as a Resource, they can access the project's Briefcase at any point in the life cycle of the project (until it is closed and/or deactivated) to add files to the Briefcase.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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