Asset Form Field Dependency on Status

Is it not possible to add a dependency on a field based on an asset's status type?

In this case, I would like a 'Damage Description' text box to appear on the default asset form if an asset is entered with a 'Damaged' status type. But when trying to add the dependency, the "Status" attribute does not show up as a Parent option, only the custom attributes do.

Is the only work around for this to create a new custom asset attribute of 'Status' with drop-down choices, and then use that instead?  (I really hope that's not the case). 


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Asked by Nathan Ignatz on Wed 6/15/22 10:58 AM
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Christasia Bloom Wed 6/15/22 12:39 PM

Hi Nathan,

At this time, it is not possible to create this type of parent-child dependency on baked-in form fields, such as status. Your best bet would be, as you mentioned, to create a new custom attribute called 'Status' with different choices and add the dependencies that way.

However, this would be a good candidate for an Enhancement Request, which you can submit here:


Christasia Bloom

Support Consultant, CS

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FYI, you can't cascade out-of-the-box attributes from custom attributes (the other direction) either. It's a custom attribute only thing. I put in a request to make this happen - Change #2981109. - Greg Van De Mark Wed 6/15/22 2:19 PM